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Type A: The Angst-o-rama


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(The Angst-o-rama)

The traiditonal villain with the the requisite rotten child-hood. (See child abuse, rape, cloning, siblings)

Lets meet the contestants on-- who had the crappiest past!



Our first contestant is a priest from the faraway land of Slayers! Is it Rezo, is it Kopii? Can we tell? Either way...

Rezo: In my spare time I enjoy ressurecting Darklords and being blind, Hobbies include failing to cure my blindness, turning my grandson/greatgrandson into a chimera and going insane!

Kopii: I'm a clone of HIM. :shudder:


Folken Fanel of Escaflowne. Sure he isn't really a villain in the main series but he fits the mold so well. Besides he's FOLKEN. :several fanirls swoon: He is the villain of the movie, (movie Folken not shown, the hair is far too disturbing)

Folken: My hair. What did they do to my hair? Never mind my arm, my brother, my final HAIR. Bandai you will be the first to die.


And here comes Nakago all the way from Fushigi Yuugi! He's definitely a baddie with a past. I think he's trying to compensate for something with the whip fetish.

Nakago: Why do these fangirls swarm around me? :large blue chi-blast of and the fan-girls go up in flame: Ahem. Any further questions?

(Due to an unforseen "accident" we will not conduct an interview with Nakago who's mother was raped before his eyes, who, frightened let loose a chi-blast that killed her as well as her attackers and was then sexually abused by an emperor at a tender age. No wonder he's such a swell guy! -_-;;)


And last but certainly not least, the classic Angst-o-rama villain, champion of our latest "Who's the angstiest villain Search" (taken by Three people) but Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: After being injected with Jenova cells and mako while I was still in the womb, I was taken away from my real mother, and forced to grow up alone, and deprived of any real human contact. I later went insane, burned down an entire town, and summoned a large meteor to destroy the world. Of course, I was then killed by a boy who once idolized me, bu this isn't HIS story.