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Here is where you find the list of characters!  Each one is marked whether or not they're taken and who is playing who.  Don't despair if your char is taken!  If you are unsure as to who you want to be check out the Fruits Basket Character Selector for clues.  Write me an email telling me who you are and I'll give you a spiffy banner!  Don't just choose the email option though, stay and chat!

Honda Tohru
Our brave heroine!  Hobbies include cooking and cleaning and making the hot guys fall in love with her.  She really is sweet though. 
Status: Claimed
Sohma Yuki
The prince!  Yuki is a bit on the serious side and standoffish but we love him anyway.  
Juunishi: Mouse (sounds MUCH better then rat, ne?)
Status: Claimed
Sohma Kyou
Stupid mouse.  Sttuuuuupid mouse.  But Kyou's not bitter. Noooooo.  The baka neko, Kyou has a temper yells a lot, but underneath it he's a good guy.
Juunishi: Cat  
Status: Claimed:
Sohma Shigure
Shigure is hard to pinpoint.  He' generally comes across a bit like an amusing well meaning pervert.  But every now and then he'll surprise you.
Juunishi: Dog
Status: Claimed
Crazy psychic electric wave girl.  Hana-chan tends to come across like a scary goth girl, but she is very close friends with Tohru, and the friendship means a lot to her.
Status: Claimed by Meg-chan.  Our first player!
The Yankee.  Originally a member of a girl gang and a rowdy character, Tohru and her mother helped get her away from that.  Mind you she's still pretty rowdy.
Status: Unclaimed
Sohma Kagura
The bipolar wonder.  I like Kagura I really do!  But one second she's sweetness and light and the next she's chasing Kyou with a hammer.  Well if you don't hurt you don't love.
Juunishi: Boar (like me!)
Status: Unclaimed
Sohma Hatori
Requisite nummy guy with a tragic past.  Hatori is the Sohma family doctor.  Wow I like him, but I haven't much to say about him.  Oops.
Juunishi: Dragon (though he turns into a seahorse actually)
Status: Claimed
Sohma Momiji
Wai!! Momiji is adorable, so bouncy and cheerful. He's had problems in the past but he doesn't let them get him down.  It's also impossible to believe he's actually fifteen, considering the way he looks and acts.
Juunishi: Rabbit
Status: Unclaimed
Sohma Haruhatsu
The OTHER bipolar wonder?  Seems to run in the family.  Anyway Haru is generally a cool, rather dazed lost kind of guy, but every now and then there's Black Haru, and be prepared to fight, or (in Tohru's case) hit on.
Juunishi: Ox (It sounds better then cow, kay?)
Status: Unclaimed.
Sohma Ayame
Crazy dress boy?  Ah but we love Ayame, yes we do.  We are plural now.  Ayame is flirty, chatty, loves to talk about himself and runs a dress shop for men.  It may provide romance but it definitely also provides dresses.
Juunishi: Snake
Status: Claimed
Sohma Kisa
Cute shy li'l girl.  Okay, actually twelve but she's just so little and cute!  She seriously needs an injection of confidence though.
Juunishi: Tiger
Status: Unclaimed
Sohma Hiro
The brat: remarkably sarcastic and intelligent if terribly rude for his age.  Think miniature lawyer.  But he does love Kisa.
Juunishi: Sheep
Status: Unclaimed
Sohma Ritsu
I'm sorry I have a bad bio!  It's a really bad bio!  I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!  You get the idea.
Juunishi: Monkey
Status: Unclaimed
Sohma Akito
An enigma, but from what we know he's one unstable bastard.  Just the way I like em ^_~
Status: Claimed
I know I'm leaving out some characters here.  I've only seen episodes 1-22 and non-subtitled 23.  Also I'm leaving out a few random minor characters, if you really want them email me and I''ll make them pretty little bios too.  But for now, what you see is what you get.