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This is your chance to be one of the Fruits Basket Gang!  Fill out the handy tandy form, send it to and we're in business!

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Name: (self explanatory, ne?)
Age: (I'm going to try and keep things pretty PG but be at least twelve, please?)
Perferred character: (At the moment everyone's up for grabs, especially as I can't make up my own mind)
Second Choice: (No da)
Why you want this character?: (In case of a two person battle I'll give it to whoever convinces me) your quest?: (Getting tired of questions yet? Answer and amuse me or just leave off)
------------------------------Cut Here---------------------------------------
Simple enough, ne?  Now if you want to create an original character it's a bit more difficult.

 ------------------------------Cut Here---------------------------------------
OOC section
Name: (we already went over this)
Age: (same)
Credit Card Number: (Just kidding, don't kill me!)
Favorite Character:
About your Character
No characters from other series' please!
Name: (wow...)
Age: (are we surprised...?)
Looks: (gives us your mental picture)
Personality: (more then one word please, and I DO like complete sentence, I'm telling you now I am PICKY with original characters, actual punctuation is nice too)
How do they fit in with curren cast?: (The hard part, avoid Mary-Sue's please!)
------------------------------Cut Here---------------------------------------

*Much as I love you all, I do love good writing too, try and make these applications a bit more then cut and dry, prove to me you can write.  At first it's first come first serve but as this matures I will get more picky.  Fair warning.  Also use spellcheck!