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All flames will be fed to the hungry Xellos chained to my bed!

Welcome to the site.  Here there be yaoi.  You don't know what yaoi is?  Do you know what slash is?  How about hot guys scrumping  eachother?  Now not everything is yaoi, so if thats not your thing don't worry, but watch your step!
I suppose introductions are in order.  I'm Tsuru, webmistress author of most of the stuff yous ee her, that crazy girl who is insnae enough to fill in every bloody background bit with black.  Every inch.  Takes awhile.  Whew.  My current obsessions are: Gensomaden Saiyuki, Fruits Basket, Utena, and Yami no Matsuei.  For more on the wonderful wold of me-ness visit my b-log.

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What's New?
I know it's been forever.  First I had finals, then I had to move back home, then I had to set up the computer then re-hook it up to AOL and then...creativity died?  Oh well.  New layout!  And a NEW STORY!  Check out "Figment" an Utena vignette.  More coming as soon as I get time to finish polishing the layout.  Still a little messy I know.  Oh well.  Ja!
Quote of the update:
"We can all have PMS together!"

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