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Here lies the fun fan works either I produce or con..I mean get people to submit.  :hint hint nudge: All I ask is that you give me a nice header telling me...Okay look spiffy, Tsuru-chan makes form...Tsuru-chan talks in third person...strange Tsuru-chan strange.
From: Insert email adress here.
Subject: Submission for Paper Crane
Body of the email:
Name of work.: Self explanatory, ne?
Rating: I give it a Q for excessive snorkling...you know how that works.
Warnings: Yaoi?  Yuri? Violence? Trout?
A brief summary would be nice but not required, please attatch.

On to the wonderful world of fanfiction!

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Author: Tsuru-chan
Part: 1/?
Description: Where to start.  This is a joke fic.  HUMOR.  Not attempting to be a serious depiction of Utena in any way.  In other words this is what happens when you set out to write the ultimate Mary-Sue.  I think I succeed.
Warning: BAD-FIC!

The Black Rose

Author: Tsuru-chan
Part: 1/1
Description: I'm thinking of writing a series of poems about Utena characters.  If I do this is the first, about Mikage.  Rather depressing but the Mikage is poor guy.


Part 1/?
Description: *SPOLIERS* Will make no sense if you haven't seen the Black Rose Saga.  Mind you it's a bit out there anyway.  Oh well.  All about the complexness that is Mamiya.  Very short.  May become a series of POVs.


Xenogears Science Theatre 9000

Wohoo!  Someone other then me has a fic on this page.  Say hello to Phoenix-chan and her wonderful MST!
Author: Phoenix-chan
Part 1/4
Rating: NC-17 Not for the kiddes
Description: A MSTing of scary Xenogears fanfic.



Author: Tsuru-chan
Part: 1/1
Description: An angsty poem.  For Slayers of all series.  Oh well.  This was written for Kopii Rezo at my room mate's insistence.  I had to write a sonnet for class and she was obsessed with him.  From that we get Red.  Very angsty.  Did I mention it was ANGSTY?