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Run Away
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So you're bored of me already?  :sniff: Well here are some fun places you can go.  But FIRST...obligatory linkage to moi.



Now that the shameless self promotion is through with: the actual links!  Here are a few random sites for your viewing pleasure:

Here we have my roommate's site...she has a lot of random entertaining things a lot of anime, Final Fantasy, Dragonlance.  Some funy MSTings.  Good stuff.
GW Addiction
A huuuge archive of Gundam Wing fics.  If you are ever in the mood for some Gundam Wing yaoi you will find bucketfulls of it there. 


So you like Slayers?  Do you like Hamlet?  Doesn't matter.  I highly recommend this beautifully done and hilarious manga,  THIS is how they should teach it in high school!

J.Marie is an amazing author! I particularly reccommend Only Time. Yaoi!

And the millions of webcomics I follow!