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Title: Figment
Author: Tsuru-chan
Part 1/?
Rating: P for Pro-nouns!
Description: Angst.  Spoilers for the Black Rose Saga.  What does the real Mamiya think of the fake one? 

I wonder what you see in him. Me, I suppose. But Im not. Did you really
want me like that? Im sorry I wasnt beautiful enough. Was it the roses?
Im sorry the roses died, sempai. Im sorry I wasnt good enough.

He is beautiful isnt he? And his roses.
Why bother seeing the truth when lies are far more comforting. Memories.
Has he stolen those as well? Do you remember burning? You cant. Of
course Mamiya set the fire, but you werent there sempai. Or were you? Riddles upon riddles. How is a raven like a writing desk?

I remember days in the summer, playing games, growing flowers. Not roses. Not black. Just flowers. You looked at her then. The way you look at me now. Him. Its hard to tell now. Sometimes I forget which of us is real. Phoenix theory, I burned and he rose. Laughable really.

I set the fire. You set the fire. It never burned. I think I was real. Its so hard to remember sometimes. Maybe it was always him and Im the dream.

Youre fighting the prince. For him. Shes not her. Not Tokiko. Just like you arent fighting for me. Fighting for a fragment of a twisted memory of someone else you happen to call my name.

Why wont you remember? Is he so much more beautiful? Am I really that worthless? Why?

You are going to lose now, sempai.

Confused?  Pronouns are actually very carefully selected as so.
Me, I etc.:Real Mamiya
You: Mikage
Him: Fake Mamiya
Her: Tokiko (except once in reference to Utena but then I specified NOT Tokiko)
Also posted at fanfiction.net under The Mikado.