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Q. What is the Animal House?
A. An onlineRole Playing Game of Fruits Basket a popular manga and now anime.  It is advised that you actually see or read some before joining.
Q. How do I join?
A. Just fill out a handy little form found in the "Join" section and wait until you get the okay from me and you can jump right in.  Don't worry I won't be all evil and critical.
Q. The character I want is taken, what should I do?
A. You have several options.  You can wait until the current player quits, and, depending on how things go, I am contemplating a rotation of rolls every three months or so.  You could say to heck with it and choose another character.  Or you can give me the option of letting you create an original character.  The last option is fairly difficult because while I won't try and keep you out, you'll have to prove to me that they fit in the Fruits Basket world.  More info on that in the join section.
Q.Who the heck are you?
A. For the record, I'm Tsuru-chan and I run another website, paper crane, that is also vaguely Fruits Basket related.  For more info contact me at

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Disclaimer: Fruits Basket in no way shape or form belongs to me.  Though I wouldn't say no to running off with all the guys.