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Attack of the Mary-Sue


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Attack of the Marry-Sue
Part 1/?
Rating: M-S for Mary-Sue
Warning:This is what is known to the outside world as a badfic.  It is delibirately the worst Mary-Sue my twisted mind could come up with.  That tells you a lot about this fic. 

Enter: Mary-Sue

All was normal at the Ohotori Academy. Touga and Saionji were frolicking in the rose gardens singing "Tra-la Tra-la" Anthy was kicking some Nanami ass and who even KNOWS what Utena was doing. She was off being important somewhere.  Her presence would make it difficult for MARY-SUE er pardon me, Lystarria (the "Q" is silent), to be her long lost cousin twice removed who looks JUST like her only more beautiful, charming, popular, sexy and minus the whole no pupil thing,

"Golly gee look at all the roses," said Lystarria as she tossed back her luxurious pink waves, as if a curtain of cotton candy fell down her back in tasty streams. People stopped stared.  Where had they seen that pink, that irrepressible style?  And was that a Ralph Lauren designed uniform? They began to whisper.

As she waves happily back at the awed crowd, strutting a little to show off her style Lystrria suddenly falters, overcome by the sudden tsunami that is--



Lystarria caught the flying Wakaba easily giving her a smile. "Hello, I've heard so much about you, you must be Wakaba!"

Wakaba blinks. "You're NOT Utena?"

Lystarria shook her head, carnation tresses flouncing from side to side. "Of course not, I'm much more attractive and nice."

Wakaba dismounts. "You're right! Youre so cool!"

Lystarria smiles gently with all the modesty of a saint. "I know, thats because Im Mary Sue--or rather Lystarria Tenjou. Wait Im Japanese,Tenjou Lystarria."

Wakaba's eyes go all starry, wow, she was really Japanese! She could put the names in order! Hold on wasn't Wakaba ALSO Japanese? Eyes begin to swirl as she attempts to figure this out before uttering the fan girl Japanese she had learned from too much anime, "Sugoi!"

The whispering continues.

Lystarria continues to smile benignly at these beings who have not yet recognized her superiority. "Im Utena's cousin. Twice removed but who's counting."

That declared, the students began to throng around her. She was more the a new student, she was SPECIAL. A pair of jealous eyes watched from the corner. Suspicious eyes. Heck jealous AND suspicious even. And they didn.t like what the saw. Not at all.

Scared?  Frightened?  Want your mummy to save you from the horror that is Mary-Sue?  Laughed your ass of?  Want to stick pickles up my nostrils?  Tell me!

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